Obojima Tales From The Tall Grass: A 5E Campaign Setting

Created by 1985 Games

A new and whimsical campaign setting for 5E. Create your own unforgettable tale on the island of Obojima.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Updated Warlock & New Podcast Episode
6 days ago – Thu, Jun 06, 2024 at 03:22:53 PM

Hello Everyone,

We have just a few things to update you all on this week. You can expect more music, more playtest material, and additional sample updates next week!

Playtest Update: The Lantern Warlock "UPDATED"

In last week's update, we released the Lantern Warlock. In this week's update, we implement changes based on your feedback.

Check out the newly updated Warlock Here.

New Podcast Episode: Sword Schools Part 2

In this week's Podcast: Episode Eighteen, Sword Schools Part 2, the writers continue the discussion on the 4 renowned Sword Schools and their teachers. Join them as they write about the remaining three pairs of sword masters.

Watch the full episode on:

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and we'll chat soon!

Cheers, Jeremiah

New Music, New Subclass, & New Podcast Epsiode!
13 days ago – Thu, May 30, 2024 at 04:37:40 PM

Hello Everyone,

We have a few things to cover in this week's update, so let's jump into them!

Playtest Update: Pact of the Lantern Warlock 

This week the Pact of the Lantern, our warlock subclass is available for overview. Due to the nature of this subclass, there will be a small update to the Waxworks Rogue Subclass, which will come with next week's playtest material.

Check out the Pact of the Lantern Here.

New Podcast Episode: Sword Schools Part 1

In this week's Podcast: Episode Seventeen, Sword Schools Part 1, the writers discuss the 4 renowned Sword Schools and their masters. Join them as they write about the Duo Canen and Moon, the eclectic sword masters from Yatamon, the largest city in Obojima.

Watch the full episode on:

New Music

Lose yourself in the melodies of Obojima with our latest musical composition, "A Woodland Daydream". Composed by the incredibly talented Steve Gernes, this enchanting piece perfectly captures the feeling an islander might experience when trolling through the forested countryside. Listen to the latest track and let your imagination soar!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and we'll chat soon!

Cheers, Jeremiah

State of the Kickstarter, New Podcast, & New Playtest!
20 days ago – Thu, May 23, 2024 at 05:23:09 PM

Hello Everyone!

In this week's update we're going to talk about the state of the Kickstarter and the time frame moving forward, the podcast and a new artistic addition you might be seeing more often, and a new batch of Playtest material to look over. 

State of the Kickstarter

Art & Fulfillment

This is the largest and most important topic of the update, and it all revolves around art. As I'm sure you're aware from previous discussions about art needs for the project, we need a lot of art to complete this book. For example, we'll have to produce 300 unique pieces of artwork in the Locations chapter and the Potion Brewing chapter alone, and that's only the art used in two chapters.

I say all this to let you know that the team feels that the visuals for Obojima are just as important as its writing. Which is why we decided not to cut back on art. We're creating a new world and want you as the consumer to be immersed and moved by the visuals. 

At first, everything seemed to be going to plan, but it is clear now that the number of art pieces in the book is coming at a cost. As of this month, we're officially behind on the art schedule. Our Artists have been amazing, but we've been working non-stop to produce this project, and we were bound to experience some burnout. With an understanding of the project deadlines, we were left with a choice.

Cut art from the book.


Bring on more artists and push the project release date.

And so to make Obojima the best it could be, we decided to push the project release date back another month into October of this year. This isn't what we wanted, but we hope that you can understand our decision.

Layout & Editing

Right now, we're deep into the book layout, which comes with a lot of visual iteration and changes. Additionally, we started the first round of editing, and have begun the process of sensitivity editing. (we'll have a larger update on sensitivity editing later down the line)

That said, we should be able to start showing off book chapters very soon!


Right now we're amid all sorts of product samples. The biggest of them comes in the form of a book sample, where we'll get to see the look and feel of Obojima before the layout of the pages. Coming soon will be:

  • Journals 
  • Cards
  • Map Poster
  • DM Screens


We're 1 song away! As of yesterday, we completed another 2 songs which brings us to 9 out of 10 songs from the Sound of Wind album. You can expect two new music drops soon.

With the album being wrapped up we have a few other musical updates which will come soon after the 10th song is complete.

New Podcast Episode & Art Timelapse

A few things to mention in this week's podcast episode. To start this is the last of the Audio Issue Episodes, which means next week we'll be back to clean-cut audio!

We're also testing out a new artist timelapse in the visual podcast episodes on YouTube. This will be a look into the artistic process from the art team and artist Jake Morrison as they work to illustrate the vision of the writers as it's happening on the podcast. 

This won't be a constant addition moving forward, but if it's something the community enjoys we'd love to do more of it. 

That being said, in this week's Podcast: Episode sixteen, Opal Falls, the writers discuss the vertical waterfall town known for its fresh fish and boat elevator. Join them as they write about the Elder River spirit below the waterfall, the salmon festival, and the Young Stewards.

Watch the full episode on:

New Spells Playtest

In this week's playtest we're finishing off the spell list! That is a total of 15 new spells to add to your next one-shot.

New Spell Playtest Drop Here

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. Stay tuned for more updates, teasers, and surprises as we get closer to the big release of Obojima!

Jeremiah, 1985 Games Team

New Podcast Episode & Artist Update!
27 days ago – Thu, May 16, 2024 at 04:13:43 PM

Hello Everyone!

In this week's update, we've got another podcast episode released as well as a quick look at the new artists that we've added to the team in the last few months. 

In Next week's update, we'll be talking about the project as a whole and discussing what stage we are at in every aspect of the project. It will be a big update with a lot of reading so we'll keep this week light.

New Artists

Almir Gusić

Brought onto the team just a few weeks ago Almir Gusić has already slipped into his role and is producing amazing scene and character work. He's perfectly matched the style and has been a great addition to the team.

You can check out his Instagram HERE.

Matt Owen

Matt Owen has been working with the team for just over a month now and has been hard at work realizing characters and Objects. He's doing a great job and bringing a little obojima flair to mundane items.

You can check out his Instagram HERE.

Jake W Morrison

Jake Has only been on the project for a week or so, but he's already making a big splash. Right now he's working on characters, scenes, objects, and creatures. Some of which will be revealed in next week's update. More from Jake to come!

You can check out his Instagram HERE.

New Podcast Episode The Spirit Train

In this week's Podcast: Episode Fifteen, The Spirit Train, the writers discuss the mysterious train that randomly appears all across the island. Join them as they write about the curious characters on the train and chat about this world's version of Teleportation Circle. 

Watch the full episode on:

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. Stay tuned for more updates, teasers, and surprises as we get closer to the big release of Obojima!

Cheers, Jeremiah

Potion Brewing, Playtest Update, & New Podcast Episodes!
about 1 month ago – Fri, May 10, 2024 at 04:19:54 PM

Hey Everyone!

This week we've got an update on potion brewing as well as insight on book layout, a New Podcast episode (With a mini-podcast update), and a playtest material revamp.

Potion Brewing!

Check out a look at the work-in-progress potion brewing chapter straight from the book. Things are still liable to change and we're still finishing the layout, but you can now dive into the mechanics a little deeper. 

You can expect to see an updated potion list to be used alongside these mechanics in the coming weeks.

Check out the Potion Brewing PDF HERE.

Playtest Update

As of today, we have the most up-to-date versions of all playtest material available for your use! Check out the Google doc HERE to look overlook new wording and mechanic edits. Including a major update to last week's potion playtest.

New Podcast Episode - The Village of Polewater

Quick Update - In this latest batch of podcast episodes you'll notice some funky audio. That's because it finally happened, we ran into technical issues. Our mics cut in and out, so we ended up losing audio and had to use the lower-quality camera mics for sections of the podcast. You'll notice this in the next few episodes, but rest assured we've fixed it and will be back and better than ever in future episodes. 

In this week's Podcast: Episode Fourteen, The Village of Polewater, the writers discuss the corrupted fishing village on the eastern side of the backwater wetlands. Join them as they write a tragic tale about a wholesome village and come to realize who the little girl below the ocean really is.

Watch the full episode on:

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. Stay tuned for more updates, teasers, and surprises as we get closer to the big release of Obojima!

Cheers, Jeremiah